Founded in 1986, Arca is an Italian leading manufacturer in packaging and is part of the Morellato Group. The Group counts more than 4.000 employees worldwide

Synergy with other divisions enriches our know-how and knowledge on a daily basis.

Technical assistance, reliable delivery schedules and high qualitative standards are some of our strengths.

Our production

Arca has two main sites, located in Hong Kong and Italy.

Quality control and technical assistance are carried out both at the production sites and at the headquarters.

Our teams specialize in developing innovative designs and new products. We operate throughout the European territory in a widespread manner and guarantee a reliable logistics service and after-sales assistance.

Your packaging
makes the difference

Unboxing is a crucial aspect of the customer experience.

Packaging is one of the most important investments, it will pay off!

As several studies have shown, packaging directly affects Brand and product perception Your client wants to feel special and inspired, literally by “the whole package”

Why choose us

technical support, quality control, design
We support you and follow production from A to Z
Our goal is to make our clients satisfied with our product and service
You can place an order for the whole year and we ship the needed quantities, on demand

Our materials

Why Arca

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How we work

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